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Norseman AV now offers wireless conferencing for large meeting rooms and boardrooms

Updated: May 21

The ClickShare CX-50 allows your teams to stay in close collaboration with one another. The ClickShare CX-50 is a wireless room system designed to do exactly this. TThe CX-50 will connect you in less than seven seconds and allowing meeting members to participate in a completely wireless and productive conference.

ClickShare CX-50 Features

With the ClickShare CX-50 wireless room system, you start a meeting from your laptop, using practically any conference tool with no cables or mess. Everyone is heard, everyone is seen, no matter where they are.

Host from a laptop Wirelessly start a video meeting from your laptop with any UC&C solution. Switch platforms easily. Wireless Any room or location you can present and collaborate with no need to deal with cables, buttons or apps. Use as a Digital Sineage Player When you are not using the CX-50 for conferences or presenting your meeting room display can be used as a digital sineage platform. Compatibility Works with your device, conferencing platform & a wide range of AV solutions Learn More Click HERE to go to our contact page to request more information to see if the Barco ClickShare CX-50 will work for you and your company. One of our consultants will contact you to help you determine if this is the right conferencing system for you.

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