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Things to Consider

...when choosing your AV design consultant.

A portion of the design schematic created by Norseman Audio Video Systems for a Hartford, CT College
  • Choose someone who is truly independent!  Your consultant is not at the mercy of some arbitrary sales quota.  Your consultant is dedicated to providing the best solution for your needs.

  • Expert knowledge!  Your consultant should have plenty of design experience but also real world, hands on experience.  Norseman Audio-Video Systems is proud of their years of field experience.  We believe you cannot design in a vacuum or from a book.

  • Part of the design team.  Everyone on your design team should concentrate on their area of expertise.  Architects design buildings, but it requires electrical and mechanical engineers. For AV technology and acoustics, an AV consultant is paramount to a successful project.

  • Bid Specification and Bid vetting. The AV Consultant writes and prepares the bid documents and upon receipt, reviews all bid submissions before a project is awarded.  This allows the designer to have input into assuring the client that a reputable firm is going to be responsible for an accurate execution of the design.

Norseman AV concentrates solely on allowing our clients to connect with their audience with captivating results. We strive to offer solutions that yield the most effective and efficient use equipment and space. With many years of Systems Integration experience, pairing AV peripherals and accessories to create a seamless, interactive experience is a key goal for Norseman. We are careful to select the latest technology to make the experience of incorporating AV Automation a simple one.

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