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Audio and Video Rental

Just need a few pieces of gear for a party or a conference? Let us know what you need and we will make sure you have the right equipment for the right event.

Whether you are in town for a presentation and need a projector, or if you have a gig that calls for extra speakers, or even a complete sound system, Norseman AV has what you need!  We gladly supply the tech you need with friendly, professional service that is in your budget. CONTACT US today to have us supply your event with the audio and video equipment you need.

Norseman Audio Video Systems, Inc. offers delivery and setup services. We have everything you need to make your event a success, from powered speakers to mixing boards,to projectors and screens large and small. We rent all types of mics and stands, and everything you need to put a conference together or power up a band or DJ on stage. We also have guitar, bass, and piano amps available to rent.

Norseman Audio Video Systems, Inc. has a complete line of Rental equipment
Norseman AV can rent everything you need for an outdoor movie night!

Outdoor Movie Night Special

  • 1 Projector, Screen, Sound, A/V player, Cables, Technician on hand up to 4 hours total (includes set up and break down)  $350/night

Basic pricing for A/V Rentals


Pick up/ drop off times are Mon - Fri  8:30am - 4pm




  • Medium (3500-4700 lumens)                    $100/day

  • Large (5000-6500 lumens)                        $125/day


Video Screens 

  • 9' Snap on Frame w/ Extension Legs      $95/day

  • 8' Da-Lite Tripod Screen                             $85/day

  • 5' Da-Lite Tripod Screen                             $70/day


  • Wireless systems (hand held and lavalier)   $60/day

  • Wired Mic (includes a 25' XLR cable)           $50/day

  • Shotgun Mic                                                     $70/day


PA Systems

  • Small: 1 Mic (wired or wireless), 1 Speaker with Pole, Cables and extension cords $100/day                         

  • Medium: 1 Mic (wired or wireless), 2 Speakers with on-board auto mixer, Speaker Poles, Cables and extension cords $200/day

  • Large: 2 Mics (wired or wireless), 2 Speakers with Poles, 4 input Mixer, Cables and extension cords $250/day

  • Denon Envoi portable battery operated PA speaker with built-in wireless mic and bluetooth options $75/day                          


Sound System

  • 2 Speakers with Poles, A/V player (CD/DVD/BluRay), 1-4 Mics with stands, DirectBox, Mixer, Cables  $275/day  



  • QSC K10 without pole                                $65/day

  • QSC K8 without pole                                  $50/day

  • QSC K10 with pole                                     $75/day

  • QSC K8 with pole                                       $60/day

Delivery, On Site Support, Set Up and Pick Up are NOT included in these prices unless stated. Please call us at 413-570-4112 to inquire about 1/2 day rates and/or other equipment not listed above.


  • Mic Stand                                                  $15/day

  • Tripod                                                        $15/day


  • Voice Recorder (Tascam DR-40)          $25/day

  • SD Card - 8G                                            $12/day   

Norseman AV rents out complete sound systems

TVs (Large Format Displays)

  • 46-55" LED                                                 $175/day

  • 32" LCD                                                      $100/day

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