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Ongoing Classroom Upgrades, System Repair and Maintenance

Sports Pavilion

 In Summer/Fall '15, Norseman installed large format displays and pendant speakers in the Sports Pavilion at WNEU. The Men's Football and Lacrosse locker room received an 80" wall mounted LED as well as a 70" LED that was ceiling mounted and encased in an polycarbonate protective enclosure. 70" LEDs were wall mounted in  the Women's Field Hockey/ Lacrosse/ Soccer locker room as well as in the Men's Baseball and Women's Softball locker room. Long distance cable runs are carried over shield CAT6 from Crestron autoswitching input plates to the receivers behind the TVs. All sound, from LEDs as well as VGA and Aux inputs, is routed through JBL CSMA1120 mixer amps to the JBL Control 65 P/T speakers.

School of Law

 In Summer/Fall '17, Norseman upgraded newly renovated OT Rooms in the Law School with the now standard classroom equipment that is being used across campus. In these rooms, signal was split to multiple TVs using Extron's DTP Distribution Amplifiers. This distributes HDMI plus control and analog audio up to four displays over CAT cable to DTP receivers at the back of the displays.  

 In Winter/Spring '15, we upgraded the a handful of Law classrooms to include an Extron IN1608 MA presentation switcher and NEC 5000 lumen WXGA projector. Inputs include a dedicated PC, laptop (both HDMI and VGA/audio), Lumens PS751 document camera, Sony BluRay player, Apple TV, Beyer Dynamic microphone as well as an auxilliary rack input plate with Line Level input via an XLR or dual RCA connectors. Control is completed by an Extron MLC226IP DV+ which is mounted on each lectern in an SMB 105 slant top box. 

We also installed much of the same equipment in the Moot Courtroom ad added extra signal extension to floor boxes, the Judge's Bench and the Court Reporter's area. The system also outputs to the school's video recording system.

Sleith Hall (Renovation and Expansion)

In Winter '13/ '14, we installed new AV equipment to 7 classrooms, 4 of which received dual projection. In each classroom with projection we installed Crestron's DigitalMedia Presentation Switchers along with 5,500 lume NEC projectors and Tannoy ceiling speakers in order to create a streamlined and simplified system for the client. We also installed control Crestron control panels and allowed the system to interface with their current Extron Global Viewer software. 

RLC and Sleith Hall

Spring Break '14 - upgraded more classrooms with Crestron DMPS centered systems and NEC projectors and new 8' Da-Lite electric screens. Sleith Hall Rm 223 was equipped with a DMPS-200-C for dual projection.


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