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Athletic Fields

 Summer/Fall '17, installed a sound systems on the Softball and Turf Fields. The system on both fields incorporate a simple set up with Audio Teechnica Push to talk desktop stands with  Neutrik goosenecks supporting Shure SM86 mics for the announcers. We run these mics plus owner furnished players through rack mounted mixers from Denon and EQ the systems via dbx DriveRack loudspeaker management systems. The softball field has 2 12" 2-way full range speakers by JBL being supported by rigging hardware from Polar Focus.  The Turf Field's system has 2 speakers mounted on one pole that are driven by a TechnoMad amplifier that is equipped with a twisted pair receiver. The Softball Field's system is housed permanently in the press box whereas the rack equipment for the Turf Field will be split between that and the Soccer Field's (future) system. All the equipment for the Turf field is protected in a heavy rolling rack from Gator Cases.

Stoddard Hall

Summer/Fall '15, installed a Panasonic 6,500 lumen WUXGA projector and a Draper electric screen with reverse roll in the newly renovated Stoddard Hall. In addition to the projection  system, visual displays are supported by two 90"LED TVs mounted with Chief swing arm wall mounts on the brick wall. To simplify the multitude of inputs, which also includes those running from the floorboxes at the lectern,  we installed an Extron DTP CrossPoint 84, which carries the signal over Extron's DTP technology to the receivers at the projector and LED displays. For control we installed and programmed two 10"  Extron Touch Link Pro touch panels, one at the back of the house and the other on the custom made lectern. 

The sound system integrates the QSC and Shure amplifiers and mixers to support the various microphones and assistive listening systems throughout the space. Lecture capture is also supported by 2 Vaddio HD-USB PTZ cameras and low profile Shure ceiling microphones. The JBL CBT 70J Column array speakers supply not only beautiful and un-obtrusive design but crystal clear voice and full bodied sound.


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